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Professional Accomplishments


• Award of excellence for Double Digit Revenue Sales Increases for the fiscal year 1999

> Video Update Canada Inc.


• Highest Canadian Sales in franchise operations 1993 thru 1997

> Just New Reeleases


• Highest Canadian Grossing Revenues for corporate stores 1989 thru 1991

- Lowest Inventory Loss

> Jumbo Video Inc.


• Manitoba Chapter chair / board member from 1989 thru 1998

> Video Software Dealers Association


• Member of the ERA (Electronic Retailers Association) TV Council


• On-camera interviewer and off-camera narrator / voiceover

- Family Presence During Resusitation - project for Canada wide use in Emergency and Critical Care units.

> Victoria General Hospital & Biomedical Communications



Personal Accomplishments


Black Stripe

> Korean Hap Ki Do Federation


First Degree Dan Black Belt

> World Tae Kwon Do Federation


Canadian Hapkido Demo Team

(World Championships 1997, 1998, 1999)

> Tae Ryong Park TKD/HKD Academy


State Certified Instructor in Hapkido to U.S. Law Enforcement Officers

> ASLET (American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers)


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