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After extensive travels for trade shows and conferences over the years, I took some time off to enjoy my family. I started attending a number of events again to remain connected in select industries. At the same time while continuing my online technology interests with Ad-Pods, I took advantage of being an independent from June 2010 forward by securing projects on a per client basis including some of the following.


This client allowed me the opportunity of visiting hundreds of local businesses about Taxi Topper advertising. Although successful in larger cities, Winnipeg ran with it on a smaller scale based on interest.

TT Mobile Media

I was hired on by M.A.R.C as an independent for one main reason. Open up Manitoba to the idea of advertising on Pizzeria box top flyers. I enjoyed visiting hundreds of local businesses to promote full colour advertising spots for distribution by pizzeria restaurants that delivered.


I successfully completed my agreement by signing contracts with 8 locations, 6 of which are part of a large and well known National chain. Selling more than 140 advertising spots for hand delivered - straight to the dinner table - distribution of over 80,000 flyers attached to take-out and delivery boxes.

A previous advertiser from the pizza box flyer promotions, I was asked to come on board for a while. My persistance in contacting the business had the CEO securing multiple ad spaces and felt I had the personality to make a difference in his business.


Wired By Design provides the very best in products and services with audio/video, security, home theatres (man caves), pre-wiring and complete automation for residential and commercial opportunities. I joined up with them to promote, sell and build client relationships. Exciting technology and a very forward thinking team of experts. My references continue to flow their way whenever QUALITY is important!

I took on an exciting project with a former Direct Response colleague. Over a number of months we worked on creating a solution, a name and promoting to previous marketing partners to gauge interest.


Interest being there, however the numbers and timing were not allowing us to complete the journey of bringing SingleSource DM to fruition.

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