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Canadian Hap Ki Do Demo Team

Tae Ryong Park Academy


Family Presence During Resuscitation


The following are some projects I was part of and their respective covers, frames and stories.

Some Hollywood productions that I have been fortunate enough to be a 'Background Performer' in has allowed me to use my skills and personality. This experience and other opportunities has generated further opportunities including on-screeen and off-screen voice overs.

This program was developed as an extension of the Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg, MB to outline and educate the importance of FPDR (Family Presence During Resuscitation) and the protocals established. More information on this program and the accompanying letters and videos can be viewed by clicking on the images.


The videos are excerpts from the training exercise created for the Emergency Room personnel. Because of copyrights and licensing, only 3rd party recording was permitted. I apologize for the quality.

As a martial artist in both Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do, I have had the priviledge to train with and be part of an elite team of professionals.


Having participated in local and International championships, festivals and events has allowed me to ensure a discipline that stands out in my personality and motivation to succeed.


Assisting in the training and development of Law Enforcement Officers further provided me with a sense of self worth and confidence.

On-Screen Performances (Motion Picture)
Voice-over demos tracks


January Blossom Film Co. (Independent Films)

Providing voice-overs for a local film company has allowed me to develop a personality for specialized animations brought forward by a talented and recognized animator, Melissa Hiebert. January Blossom Film Co. is a local independent animation studio that produces endearing and light hearted films about love and friendship. Visit her channel online by clicking on the logo.

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